Spectra morph
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Spectra Morph


Spectra always shows her true feelings, but changes emotions quickly. She can't choose a favorite color or food. she loves trying new things with her friends


Spectra has dark black skin white white dots, purple lips and multi colored eyes.  She has rainbow hair that is straight and side part bangs.  Her ateni have rainbow circles at the end.  She wears a red jacket with green button over a orange and yellow button sleeveless top.  Her capri shorts are purple with blue bottom that cut away in front. She has white ankle boots with blue button and blue heel.


pet not shown, name prism


doll is made of the same stuff as mood rings and changes color with touch based on temperature

Meet Specra MorphEditEdit

Age: 4260 lightyears old

Mission: To make the world more colorful

Cosmic Quirk: always show my feelings

Personality: emotional

Pet: Prism

Fashion Style: bright, colorful

Fave Earth Food: skittles

Want To Learn: where the rainbow ends

I Don't Get:  fake smiles

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