Luna clypse

luna clypse

my novi stars idea

Luna Clypse


Luna loves going to explore planet's moons. She couldn't help but stay on Earth for a while. She collects rocks from her various travels.Edit


Purple hair in low pig tails with blue round ties, silver anti with cresents at end, light blue eyes and blue eye shadow, lips, and circles on face are also blue.  Green shirt, one long sleeve, blue belt with chain, plaid pleat skirt, asemtrical, one is is longer then other, purple boots.


feature, her eyes light up, the button is on the back of dollEdit


Pet not shown name RockyEdit

Meet Luna ClypseEditEdit

Age: 5263 lightyears old

Mission: To study the Earth moon's phases

Cosmic Quirk: Can't hide in the dark

Personality: Spunky, up all night

Pet: Rocky

Fashion Style:  punk

Fave Earth Food: Cresent Rolls

Want To Learn: how to sleepover

I Don't Get:  sunrises

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