Connie MetEdit

-Age: 500 light years

-Mission: To become famous on Earth.
Connie Met (Redone eyes)

-Cosmic Quirk: My hair. It flows plus it's made of fire.

-Personality: A leader in progress.

-Pet: Apocalypse

-Fashion Style: Anything black with a side of firey red and cool blue.

-Fave Earth Food: Ice...Ice...Ice Cream? I think thats what it's called.....

-Fave Activity: Make homemade stuff for my friends.

-I Don't Get: Zoos, Those animals should be set free!


  • Her name is based off the word "Comet".
  • Her Cosmic Quick for her doll is that there will be a built-in fan in it and holes for the air to get out, which will push her hair.




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