Aul Rora is a peculiar and weird loving alien. She likes to visit planets, but she found Earth special for some unknown reason. She wants to stay there.
Just Aul and nothing else

Aul Rora's 2019 concept art

She came from a planet where children come from the Northern Lights.

Appearance Edit

Aul Rora haves a pastel pink, pastel blue, and pastel purple hair; pastel orange skin with pastel green markings; wears a pastel yellow t-shirt, a white with pastel blue details skirt, a moon hair accessory, purple and magenta socks, and white tennis. She haves an aurora symbol in her dark magenta eyes and curved antennae. So many pastels!

Pet Edit

A small Earth dog, named Hunter Borealis.

Ability Edit

Aul Rora can make auroras by shaking her hair.

Form Edit

Age: moons old

Mission: To stay on the Earth until my last moon...I love Earth!

Cosmic Quirk: I can make auroras with my hair, woo!

Personality: Half girly and half tomboy

Pet: Hunter Borealis

Fashion Style: Pastels...Earth obvious know what i like.

Fave Earth Food: Cupcakes!

Want To Learn: How to read Earth Books. I, even talking, I understand nothing.

I Don't Get: Texts...uh...texts.

Fun Facts/Trivia Edit

  • Aul Rora's name is based on the word "Aurora".
  • She is my first Novi Stars OC.
  • If she had a doll, her cosmic quirk should be a neon/glow-in-the-dark hair.
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