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Aqua Tic


Aqua loves the water. She spends her time exploring different planet's oceans. She can breathe underwater. Aqua does not like sea food!


Aqua has dark blue skin with blue cirlce dots and white lips. Her hair is teal blue with white bangs.  She has tear drops on the end of her ateni, her eyes are dark blue with a tear drop shape.  She wears a white shirt that opens below the chest, it has a pearl accent at top and blue straps and belt. She also has green puff shorts and green boots.


Pet not shown. name, Bubbles,


Aqua Tic's hair changes color with warm and cool water.  It is blue and turns purple

Meet Aqua TicEditEdit

Age: 4521 lightyears

Mission: To swim in all of Earth's oceans

Cosmic Quirk: Need water to breath

Personality: Bubbly

Pet: bubbles

Fashion Style: flowy 

Fave Earth Food:  seaweed

Want To Learn: about Earth's ocean life

I Don't Get:  sushi

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